Four Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit

Four Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit (Limited Edition)

Build your very own superheterodyne radio.

Easy assembly - all the components are mounted on a high quality silk-screened fibre glass printed circuit board.

Simple to follow instructions with schematics and wiring diagrams! You get a manual, all the parts including silk screened printed circuit board, 4 tubes, sockets, tuning capacitor, Aerial, Oscillator and IF coils, 4 inch speaker, resistors, capacitors, wire, nuts and bolts etc.





  • Coverage: Medium Wave 500KHz to 1680KHz
  • Connections: Aerial, Earth
  • Tuning: Air Variable Capacitor with built in 3:1 reduction drive
  • IF Frequency: 455KHz
  • Tubes: (numbers in brackets are US types)
  • DK91 (1R5) Mixer Osc
  • DF96 or DF91 (1AJ4 or 1T4) IF
  • DF96 or DF91 (1AJ4 or 1T4) AF
  • DL95 (3Q4) Audio Output
  • Dial: Linear scale
  • Power 63 to 90 volts HT, 1.5 volts LT

You will need

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Wire Cutters/ Stripper
  • Long Nose pliers
  • M3 nut spinner (or use the pliers)
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Batteries (10 PP3 Batteries) and (1 D Cell)
  • An optional Battery Eliminator is also available

All specifications subject to change without notice