Mosquito One Watt AM medium Wave Transmitter

Mosquito One Watt AM AM Transmitter

The Mosquito 1 Watt AM Transmitter has been designed to cater for the new 1 Watt Low Power AM standards being introduced worldwide, (for example in Scandinavia and the Netherlands).

Using Class E technology, with extremely linear modulation characteristics, suited for high quality, amplitude modulation.

The output is protected from a short circuit to ground, and also has over current and  thermal shutdown to protect the output stage if the antenna is badly tuned.

The Mosquito transmitter is ready built and ready to an affordable price...with the performance and features of units costing many times the price...!

The Mosquito employs a crystal controlled frequency synthesizer for accurate tuning and drift free frequency stability. The synthesizer is preset to 1485kHz for the Netherlands.

The Mosquito employs "Class E"  output technology and provides the full 1 Watt carrier,  the modulator stages includes both over current and thermal shutdown.

The Mosquito also has a two channel mixer for either Stereo to Mono or twin channel Mono audio sources.

The Mosquito printed circuit board uses a grounding technique that splits the RF and Audio grounds, as well as providing and external grounding point. In addition a new external "universal"power supply provides regulated DC power to the transmitter, supplied with county specific power leads for the EU.


  • Frequency: 1000-1710kHz MW & 160M Band
  • Power Output:  1 Watt
  • Output Protection: Short Circuit and Thermal
  • Audio input: Mono or Stereo signal
  • Audio connector: 3.5mm Jack Socket
  • Antenna: 3 Metre Loaded Vertical Antenna (or suitable alternative 50 Ohm)
  • Antenna connector: RCA Phono or BNC
  • Crystal controlled: 9KHz Channels (EU) or 10KHz (US) version
  • Built in Antenna and Modulation monitor
  • Power Input: 15 VDC at < 400mA (Regulated)
  • Power connector: 2.1mm coaxial (tip positive)
  • External Ground Connections
  • Devices: 4 x IC, 2 x Transistor and 3 x MOSFET
  • Compliance: Compliant with Netherlands regulations for 1 Watt transmitter running on 1485kHz.

Fully built and tested, and supplied with "universal" switch mode power supply, standard 3 meter wire antenna and audio cable.

  • Fully Built and Tested: High Quality PCB, Plastic CASE to IP56
  • AC Power Adapter: Power Supply 12-15V DC 90-240V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Audio Cables and Basic Antenna included.
  • Stereo 3.5mm jack to twin RCA (Phono)


This product is available for shipping to

  • The Netherlands: for use in the Netherlands for a “laagvermogen AM” (LPAM) license granted by Agentschap Telecom.
  • Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Findland
  • Worldwide subject to any country specific regulations

EU R&TTE directive and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC - in order to purchase this item, you must agree that:-

1. For use in the Netherlands for a “laagvermogen AM” (LPAM) license granted by Agentschap Telecom.
2. The item will only be used within a completely RF screened and shielded metal enclosure or environment for testing, evaluation, experimental or laboratory purposes and any other use that does not radiate electro-magnetic waves into free space.
I am not an unqualified end user and I have RF engineering and electromagnetic compatibility skills at my disposal.
3. You intend to export the item to an address outside the European Union. Under no circumstances will this item be resold or put into service within the European Union.

4. For use by a Licensed Radio Amateur on 160M Band


All specifications subject to change without notice