iTx AM medium Wave Two Tube Transmitter Kit

Vintage Radio Collectors

If you ever wondered how those early radio and wireless transmitters from the 1920's worked, then why not build your very own.

Now your Vintage AM radio can play some OTR (Old Time Radio) programs as it did when it was new! With your CD, MP3, iPod, iPhone, or crytal microphone. This two tube transmitter becomes a miniature AM broadcasting station.


The set runs off 27 to 90 volts HT (3 or more PP3 batteries) and 1.4 volts for the filaments (1 D Cell).

At 27 volts HT it is safe to build and use, even if you are not familiar with tube circuits, no nasty high voltages, it is a great way to learn a new hobby! If you want more power, then up the HT voltage, 36 to 45 volts (4 or 5 PP3 batteries) will provide a strong signal for around the house.

Ideal to send AM broadcast signals to your Vintage Radio collection from MP3 player or similar.

Easy assembly - all the components are mounted on a high quality silk-screened fibre glass printed circuit board. No coil to wind for MW that has already been done for you! And simple to follow instructions with both schematics and wiring diagrams

You get a manual, all the parts including valve(s), sockets, jack plugs, tuning capacitors, coils, resistors, wire, nuts and bolts etc. Complete with high quality silk screened printed circuit board, SW Short Wave coil and two spare plug-in coil pcb's to experiment with

EU R& directive and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC - in order to purchase this item, you must agree that:-

1. You intend to re-export the item to an address outside the European Union. Under no circumstances will this item be resold or put into service within the European Union.


2. The item will only be used within a completely RF screened and shielded metal enclosure or environment for testing, evaluation, experimental or laboratory purposes and any other use that does not radiate electro-magnetic waves into free space.

All specifications subject to change without notice